Rory O'Connor LIPF AFIAP

I am a Seascape Photographer from Cork, Ireland. I hold an L.I.P.F. from the Irish Photographic Federation and an A.F.I.A.P. from the International Federation for Photographic Art.

All my work is available for purchase, ring me on 353-87-2840166 if you want to purchase an image. In addition to seascape photography, I also do commercial work.

My photography stems from living in a coastal county with many beautiful beaches, lakes, rivers, and mountains, it is not surprising that many of my compositions include water. I love to capture the movement of water and formations of clouds in various ways.

Then time permits, I also indulge myself in some Macro photography. The beauty of Macro Photography is that I can do it in my garden where I have an abundance of photo opportunity.